Meditation Coaching Potentials

Meditation Coaching to Your  Potential

provides professional one on one or group meditation coaching & mentoring individually tailored to inspire and support your meditation experience.

Meditation is not about doing more, it is about doing less!

Meditation enables us to stop and breathe, to quieten the mind, calm our emotions and to regain balance and inner peace by being present in each moment. It is not an escape, rather a way to be fully present with yourself while calmly dealing with the challenges occurring.

Taking a few moments to stop, breathe and be still is the kindest thing you can do for yourself and will result in a very positive effect on your daily life and wellbeing.

My passion is to assist you in rediscovering the potential for inner peace that does exist within you.

Once learned meditation is free, simple, self-loving, healing and regenerative.


Meditation Coaching co-creates with you to 

  • Bring clarity of the role and practice of meditation for wellbeing
  • Dispel meditation myths e.g. ‘Not enough time. Can’t stop thinking’
  • Relax your body – to be still
  • Maintain appropriate boundaries – energy self-care
  • Practice Mindfulness – being grounded & present in your life

There are 3 programs for you to choose from

  1. A simple and gentle, grounded introduction to meditation, Mindfulness and relaxation in your daily life
  2. To get back in the flow once again if you have meditated in the past
  3. Mentoring program for an experienced meditator who is now choosing to explore the inner journey of self-discovery


“I recently undertook 6 coaching sessions with Lorraine. The coaching was in relation to removing limiting beliefs. Lorraine is exceptional at what she does. She has a high understanding of the subject and is able to translate what she knows to your situation and need at the time of the coaching. What I gained from the coaching was an inner calm in relation to challenges that come my way. Thoroughly enjoyed the process and am interested in learning more. I definitely would recommend Lorraine’s services.”
Angie ‘Speedy’ Spiteri

Please contact Lorraine for a free twenty minute experience of how to introduce or deepen Meditation and Mindfulness in your life.

Wisdom Heart Program

Powerfully Loving Wisdom of Women!

If you have achieved 50 years or more and have the tendency to fall under the spell of believing that there is now no real purpose to your life, think again!

Within you is the sum total of all of those years of experience that do amount to something very tangible, it is called wisdom and it is beyond price for it cannot be bought, only lived.

“Wisdom arises from within the heart
It is enriched by the mind,
though not limited by it!
Wisdom can only be gained through life experience!
Where knowledge can be learned from a book
and is relinquished at the end of a life,
wisdom is carried within the heart life after life!”

It has been known in many traditions that as a woman’s body ages  her creative energy begins to flow deeper within her feeding and sourcing her inner Wisdom Heart.

At this time she becomes more potent as she firstly acknowledges the value of her life experience and then begins to offer it to those a few steps behind who are now seeking their own purpose.

Herein lies the choice to be elderly or to be an Elder

It is my passion to encourage and inspire mature aged women to accept that there is no line in the sand, that we can continue to be independent, self-supporting, creative and if we choose, contributing to the community.

The restoration of the Wise Woman is necessary for the continuation and evolution of humanity for there are many old souls returning at this time who call to the wisdom of those who have paved the way before them for direction, for purpose and for love above all.

Will you join us in the grand dance of life, brilliant, graceful and as diverse as the stars in the sky?

Wisdom Heart has been created to support this step. We facilitate free talks within community groups, webinars, workshops, individual and group coaching dedicated to rediscovering and illuminating the Wisdom Heart within women, for now, is the time.

Contact Lorraine Town 0408 379 703 to discuss how this program may inspire you or your group, to explore the value and wisdom that your life enfolds.

Astrology for the Awakening Soul

Astrology for the Awakening Soul

This program has been uniquely inspired to offer insight into your purpose as an eternal soul journeying through time and space. It is not predictive nor about mundane topics.




At this time of accelerated human spiritual evolution many are now consciously awakening to the inner knowing that there is so much more to life and to their purpose.

During a 90 minute insight reading you will discover the unique complexity of your individual Life Purpose.

  • This includes the value of past life experience and karma and the linked potentials waiting you in this life
  • The gift of wisdom that you brought to share and what you have chosen to learn and integrate in this life
  • A truly empowering understanding of the richness of the gift of the ‘Wounded Healer’ in your chart.

You are a wonder in your own right and it is time to embrace your true potential as Human Spirit, walking the talk of power, love and wisdom in balance, harmony, integrity and JOY!


“Thank you for my astrology chart and the reading. It was a lovely experience. I gained much insight and understanding from your sharings. They were spot on. You identified areas I needed to work on very clearly and lovingly and at the same time provided inspirational perspectives for how I can embrace more of my potential.”

With much love and gratitude

Kim Minos. Naturopath. The Healing Rooms

Astrology packages

  • Astrology Life Path reading with one month follow up – weekly email access. $150
  • Life Path Reading plus 3 month Mentoring follow up specific to client’s chosen goals with a fortnightly one on one, half hour session for those who are local or on Skype for interstate or overseas clients. $350
  • Life Path Reading as above with a 6 month Mentoring program specific to the clients goals e.g. relationships, spiritual growth. $550
  • One year Solar Mentoring program relevant to the client’s choice of focus in alignment with the clients chosen focus for the coming year. Including weekly email access, a monthly 1 hour one on one Mentoring session and a new Solar Return chart reading at the end of the 12 months. $950

A monthly payment plan is available on application.

 Contact:  Lorraine Town to discuss how an Astrology session may bring clarity and greater purpose to your life.



Contact Lorraine

Mobile 0408 379 703

I very much look forward to connecting with you further in regard to how I can support you with deepening your meditation experience, exploring women’s Wisdom Heart program or Astrological insight to your inner potential.