Success Spirit facilitates both a Professional and a Personal Development stream specifically designed to provide heart-based and ethical Training and Coaching programs and strategies which result in integrated growth and achievement of innate potential and goals.

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare,

It is because we do not dare that they are difficult!


Professional Development Stream -

  • Balance in a Heartbeat - Harmony in the Workplace training program
  • Manage Your Stress - Relaxation Course/workshop
  • Coaching for Your Success - Individual or group sessions

Personal Development Stream -

  • Learn to Meditate course
  • Coaching for Your Success individual sessions
  • Manage Your Stress Course/workshop
  • Energetic Self-care Course/workshop
  • Personal Development Mentoring program
  • Self-esteem Course/workshop

Whether you are looking for techniques to assist you to Manage Your Stress to Learn to Meditate, bring clarity through Professional Life Coaching or Mentoring Sessions or a desire to establish greater Harmony in the Workplace we encourage you to explore the Success Spirit site.

These empowering heart-based tools and strategies have been developed during a lifetime of professional experience

What are you choosing for the next chapter in your life?

Please contact Lorraine on 0408 379 703 or email for a free 30 minute session on how we may best support you to manifest greater joy, fullfillment and success in your life and/or business.

Our Services


We all live in a busy world doing our best and sometimes we can touch into overload as each day we connect with many different people, places and experiences.  Some are very loving, some are somewhat loving and some can be downright challenging, so I would very much like to offer you a simple, short and yet empowering process which will assist you to hold your own space unaffected by others energy, moods and expectations.  This energetic hygiene clearing is like taking an energy shower and when done daily will make a distinct difference in assisting you to maintain balance and a greater sense of wellbeing in your daily life no matter what is going on or where you are.

Please email Lorraine for this simple and empowering process.   It is my gift to you.